1. The shooper limited edishun tote you’ll probably never know - thank you to @staystrue for the flick and the help w the video…did you know we have a Vimeo? | #theearlyhours | vimeo.com/theearlyhours new update coming soon

  2. The Early Hours is proud to announce we can now process retail and wholesale payments in BITCOIN! Been mining or just holding onto some Coin looking for somewhere to use it? Shoot us an email today at theearlyhoursclothing@gmail.com with your order details and we’ll get your order processed same day. Thanks for the support everyone, we look forward to taking this step forward with y’all. | #theearlyhours #bitcoin #btc #news #cryptocurrency

  3. @bourbon_bill coming with the triple threat! This flick rules, thanks for the submission brotha! | #theearlyhours | Never Hesitate, Never Surrender

  4. Orders from this weekend and last nights flash sale are going out today - summer collection is getting low in a few sizes - I will update later! | #theearlyhours | Never Hesitate, Never Surrender

  5. @komsons killed it Friday night on 6th street in #ATX - seen here wearing The Straight Letter Tee - thanks for the support brother! | #theearlyhours | Never Hesitate, Never Surrender


  6. justinclanton said: Are you guys in Flint Michigan right now? Saw a guy repping Early Hours and Fresh Paint and painting next to Amuse126. If so, great work.

    Hey man! My bad - super behind on Tumblr messages! We weren’t there but must have been someone representing! I suspect I know who but didn’t see a flick :) Thanks for the love either way, you rule!!


  7. Summertime in #atx - pic from last week please don’t text me asking where I am right meow…bc reality is my gmail inbox…indefinitely | #theearlyhours #getupgetout @oinkartltd #freshpaint | Never Hesitate, Never Surrender

  8. Thank you for all the orders on the summer collection, you guys rule! Selling out of a few things I will update soon. All orders have shipped and new orders will ship tomorrow or Monday! | #theearlyhours | Never Hesitate, Never Surrender

  9. We have the dopest customers…been loving opening my inbox everyday to new flicks like this! You guys rule, thanks for keeping us motivated and inspired | #theearlyhours | Never Hesitate, Never Surrender

  10. The only people who will be remembered are the ones who built things and the writers who outlive them.. #ATX 2014. | #theearlyhours #graffiti

  11. Now thissss looks like summer - straight from Atlanta…thank you for reminding me why we need to make more koozies @mslove143 !!! You rule! | #theearlyhours #atl

  12. Loving all the submissions coming in recently …keep em coming!! Thanks for this one @chicago_eyes !! | #theearlyhours #chicago | Never Hesitate, Never Surrender

  13. Late night doodles with @loquii last night.. | #theearlyhours

  14. This awesome photo near Downtown Dallas with the DART flying by comes from @djsunshine23 - thanks for sending this!!! | Got an idea for a photo but need some stickers? Pitch it to me at theearlyhoursclothing@gmail.com and let’s make something happen! | #theearlyhours | Never Hesitate, Never Surrender

  15. Business lunch yesterday setting the plan for the week..off to a good start but I want tex-mex again already | #theearlyhours #redcup | Never Hesitate, Never Surrender