1. The Early Hours Clothing - Late Nights


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  2. The Early Hours has a new video treat for you, coming soon…will you be awake? | #theearlyhours | Never Hesitate, Never Surrender

  3. Trying to find a day spot that wasn’t flooded or under new construction…on to the next one - bonus - this is where I saw the Black Nasty truck I posted before! Classy part of town no doubt

  4. Dr. Geebert eating on the go - no time to eat every meal at home | #theearlyhours #kilz #geebert

  5. Your day could be worse…they could call the K-9 | #theearlyhours #pma #keepitmoving | Never Hesitate, Never Surrender

  6. Drive until you fall asleep and you’ll probably still be in Texas | #atx #texas #theearlyhours

  7. This seems ridiculous to me, even if I wasn’t a supporter of “street art”. If someone was facing 370 charges of anything I would be appalled. Idk how the case will play out, but there has to be a better way to charge “street art” offenses as long as it is criminalized. This is just like charging someone with 370 grams of weed for each gram as a misdemeanor, instead of lumping them together. Intimidation tactics and fear mongering. None of this helps the kid - no matter how ugly the tagging, a person motivated to go out and create something is and can be a contributing member of society. Help to focus the drive, don’t try to extinguish it because you never will. Where the fuck do we live? | #lawandorder #crimeandpunishment #merika

  8. CONTINUED FROM PREVIOUS POST.. Now since I began posting updates, people have asked how they can get cameras and get involved. At first I was against the idea, I was like “well, I can’t afford to send everyone free shit, especially if I don’t even know if they have a creative bone in their body” - but then I squashed that negative attitude right away and quit being a little bitch. Now I still can’t afford to send and develop everyone’s cameras that I haven’t asked to join the project, and as much as I wish I could I can’t send everyone free shirts or stickers either. However! If you want to be a part of this ever expanding project, who am I to try and place limits on this? Let’s see where it can go. If you can obtain a camera, show me your life in “the early hours”! I want to see what you’re doing and what is important to you. Get the camera developed after it’s full, and contact us at theearlyhoursclothing@gmail.com for an address to ship the hard copies/negatives/cd to (all 3 preferably!) If you have some Early Hours gear in the photos, even better. I’ll begin posting these to a new blog or website (TBA) after I get a small collection in. Thank you all so much for reading this for one, and also for your interest and support in this project and The Early Hours. You guys blow me away on a regular basis and I am really excited to see where we go from here as a family, and I want to keep seeing this family grow. We’re all just a bunch of weirdos anyway, so we gotta stick together - what better way than to see a peak into each other’s lives? Hit me up here or the email above with any questions - hope to hear from you guys soon. | #theearlyhours | Never Hesitate, Never Surrender

  9. Since I’ve begun posting about “The Early Hours photo project” there’s been a lot of interest - not only in what we’re brewing up, but also in participating. I was intentionally vague about the details of my plan - to build suspense - but did not anticipate people asking to join! Since I am still pursuing the original project, but love the idea of having anyone participate that wants to, I feel the need to explain what I’m thinking a little more. | So, the original plan moves forward unchanged. I’ve been sending cameras and a few tees or stickers to artists, musicians, creatives, friends, night owls, and strangers that I think will make a cool collection of photos. The common thread between them is that they live a large portion of their lives in “the early hours”, and they have been directed to fill the cameras with a view into that part of their lives, whatever that may entail. They’ve all stuck out to me for different reasons, nothing in particular makes them “fit” the project other than their lifestyles. I will be publishing a series of books with a curated selection of photos from each of these rolls, with the first out by Summer 2014. The number of artists per issue will be limited to give each more spotlight, and editions will be limited to copies for participants and just enough to sell to cover the camera, developing, and publishing costs. I am still sending out packages, and have enough out for 3-4 books so far. I will post the entirety of the rolls (maybe minus the books flicks) somewhere online for everyone to see. This is as much as I know so far about this project. CONTINUED ON NEXT POST..

  10. One of our original slaps from 2012 out in the bay! Thanks for the submission!! | #theearlyhours #yayarea | Never Hesitate, Never Surrender

  11. The Early Hours Straight Letter Snap Back, Austin, 2014 - www.theearlyhoursclothing.com | #theearlyhours #atx | Never Hesitate, Never Surrender

  12. This video is still on the way…don’t sleep :) I’m not - too much to be done.. | #theearlyhours | Never Hesitate, Never Surrender

  13. The Early Hours, Lone Star, Downtown Austin, 2014 | #theearlyhours #atx | Never Hesitate, Never Surrender

  14. Old school to new school, our latest Logo Hoodie reppin’ tough out in killa California!! Thanks for the flick!! Lovin the slaps in the background too.. | #theearlyhours #customerappreciation | Never Hesitate, Never Surrender

  15. @sharacha rocking our ORIGINAL Red Logo Hoody, up north in #Chicago - thanks for the flick!! | #theearlyhours | Never Hesitate, Never Surrender