1. The Charcoal Grey outdoors cap has been my go to this summer…what are you wearing? | #theearlyhours

  2. Feeling things got me feelin’ thaaangs…looking at samples for an upcoming project. More details will be announced soon, along with unveiling some other projects we’ve had on the back burner finishing up. It’s the slow heat that gives it the flavor.. | #theearlyhours | Never Hesitate, Never Surrender

  3. Haha the traps are set… You’re on your own buddy | #theearlyhours | Never Hesitate, Never Surrender

  4. Woke up with this sign of good fortune in front of the car. Finally! A sign that my luck has changed! | #theearlyhours

  5. Digging through old flicks… Reminiscing on the Chicago landscape, even missing the gang graffiti | #theearlyhours

  6. Plotting our next move | #theearlyhours | Never Hesitate, Never Surrender

  7. Austin, TX 2014 | #theearlyhours #atx

  8. Put the new Candle Outdoors Cap to the test the other day on Town Lake, Austin..great day and the hats made it out alive | #theearlyhours #atx | Never Hesitate, Never Surrender

  9. Not sure what but something good is happening here….classic Red Logo Tee ftw | #theearlyhours

  10. We’re getting ready to order some new embroidered hats. Do you have any colors or styles you would like to see? Leave a comment or send a DM let’s talk! | #theearlyhours

  11. The Early Hours, Marfa, Texas 2014. Searching for simplicity. | #theearlyhours

  12. Texas watering holes…in a drought (pic from a few weeks back) | #theearlyhours | Never Hesitate, Never Surrender

  13. #hellaearly | #theearlyhours

  14. Drew a little bit the other night when I couldn’t sleep… Ink and color coming up. Gonna do some minimal coloring with lots of line work. | #theearlyhours

  15. Testing string theories | #theearlyhours