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  2. Drew a little bit the other night when I couldn’t sleep… Ink and color coming up. Gonna do some minimal coloring with lots of line work. | #theearlyhours

  3. Testing string theories | #theearlyhours

  4. This ain’t no flash sale… Starting today until further notice, we’re offering free shipping on all domestic USA orders of any size. To try and further simplify the ordering process, we’ve adjusted all prices (Summer designs excluded) to match according to product type - in other words, all tees are now $25, all sweatshirts are now $45 etc and that is total cost per product shipped in the lower 48. What does that mean for you? With previous prices and shipping, you may have been able to get 2 tees for $75. 2 tees at 28 each plus shipping would come out to $66-72 depending on location. Now you can get 3, shipping included, for $75 flat. Thanks for helping us spread the word about the brand, and helping us get ready for some awesome new products. You guys rule!!! Please hit us up with any questions. | #theearlyhours

  5. Please tag any pics you post or find wearing #theearlyhours - we love finding them!!! @t_mitch_ you rule! | Never Hesitate, Never Surrender

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  7. Got some cool new products on the way for you guys… Help us get to 3500 followers by tagging a friend (or more than one!) that you think would like the brand and we’ll drop some sneak peeks and release dates :) Thank you to all of our awesome customers and supporters, you guys are the best! Orders resume shipping tomorrow | #theearlyhours | Never Hesitate, Never Surrender

  8. Been out of town for a few days, and Loren and I have been missing this dude. Reunited tonight…time to party | #theearlyhours #geeburt #labradoodles

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  11. I met @joecrushdotcom and @astokkebye in 2008 while we were living in Madrid. These goons were my partners in crime, and we shared countless late nights living and learning about each other and the world. Joe was a huge inspiration to me as an artist and musician following his dreams, and Anna was a mentor of sorts, helping me understand that you can’t take life too seriously. Fast forward to 2014 - Joe and Anna are now together and just made the move to LA to keep pursuing their dreams. I’m super proud of them and so grateful to know them both - it’s people like this that inspired me to start this brand, and that keep me motivated when times are tough. You can expect to see or hear more from them and The Early Hours coming soon.. | #theearlyhours #dreamchasers | Never Hesitate, Never Surrender

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  13. Photo cred @atwxxd - thanks for the epic submission!! | #theearlyhours #smokesum | Never Hesitate, Never Surrender


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  15. Obama, Martha’s Vineyard, 2014. | #theearlyhours