1. Loren’s second and third pattern from 7 yards with the 38 snub - I’m feeling pretty comfy knowing I’m not the only one who can shoot | #theearlyhours | Never Hesitate, Never Surrender

  2. Out here airing out | #theearlyhours | Never Hesitate, Never Surrender


  3. I wake up early in the evening around 5:30 or 6, my Nextel beepin from all the calls I missed..

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  4. It was brought to our attention that some items were still ringing up a shipping charge to USA addresses, so now that it’s fixed we just wanted to say again - ALL USA orders are now shipping for free, and if you placed an order and paid any shipping since we announced it last you have been refunded. I should say, we are making some changes around here and this won’t last more than a month or so - we will announce when we can say more but free shipping should be taken advantage of while it’s available!! Thanks all hmu with any questions! - Clif | #theearlyhours | Never Hesitate, Never Surrender

  5. Dear public servant: please stop helping me! Spotted off south Lamar, #atx | #theearlyhours | Never Hesitate, Never Surrender

  6. We finally checked out the new Alamo Drafthouse on South Lamar, which is open although it looks like this from the street. Had a few whiskeys and saw a movie called Frank, which turned out to be a great story and film about creativity and being understood. Definitely recommend it, but make sure you’re on time.. | #theearlyhours

  7. #theearlyhours

  8. And after toiling for endless hours, it suddenly became clear | #theearlyhours | Never Hesitate, Never Surrender

  9. Escaping reality.. | #theearlyhours | Never Hesitate, Never Surrender

  10. Summers coming to an end but we aren’t finished with it yet…better late than never, we’re finishing up our Summer ‘14 video to drop soon (next week?). We’re especially excited to feature the song Mother Mary by #atx artist Francine Thirteen, and can’t wait to give it some visuals that we’ve been imagining all summer since we heard it. Stay tuned.. | #theearlyhours | Never Hesitate, Never Surrender

  11. Various stages of drawings and doodles..working on new designs and products, and more pastel letters on cardboard for fun. | #theearlyhours | Never Hesitate, Never Surrender

  12. Summertime in my city… I know it’s getting cold up north but in Texas it’s still super hot out..I’ve been rocking these tanks all week | #theearlyhours | Never Hesitate, Never Surrender

  13. Our friends John and Anna just opened a pizza spot called Aviator Pizza and Brew in Elgin, Texas, northeast of Austin. The pizza is legit and they have a great range of draft beer, which you can also take home in a growler if you order to go. If you’re in the area, or anywhere close, check it out and tell them what’s up! | #theearlyhours @aviatorpizza

  14. The Early Hours Clothing, early summer ‘14, Dallas, TX | #theearlyhours

  15. Got a new personal carry a few weeks ago, snub nose 38 special | #theearlyhours #texas